Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service are designed to make projects run as smoothly as possible for all parties:

Data Gathering Deadlines 

Once the project deposit is paid for, we will notify the client that Data Gathering can begin. By default, clients have 30 calendar days to complete Data Gathering, although they can request more time at the beginning of this phase if they think they’ll need it. If Data Gathering extends 30 calendar days past the deadline the client may either (1) extend Data Gathering by up to 30 days by paying a £150 extension fee or (2) cancel the project and receive a refund minus a £150 cancellation fee.

Build & Deploy Deadlines 

The Build & Deploy Phase will not begin until Data Gathering is complete, and we will complete it within 30 calendar days from when we begin. If we do not deliver on this schedule the client is entitled to a £100 credit on their next project.

Change Requests 

Minor changes in data gathered (e.g. a change in a phone number) will be incorporated in the Build & Deploy Phase at no additional charge. Any other changes must wait until after deployment, at which time the client is free to make them, or we can do so as part of the Maintenance Program or on a fee per item basis.

Starter Package Bonus Pack Limitations 

Free written content or logo development included in the Bonus Pack is provided in first draft only. We will do our best to interpret the content and logo development instructions you provide in the Launch Form and create quality output; however, no revisions will be done during the Build & Deploy Phase. You are free to change content or logo after site deployment or we can do so as part of the Maintenance Program or on a per item fee basis.


Once the project has been fully paid, the site will be deployed.

Sign off 

After the site is deployed, the client will have seven days to verify that the site is working as demonstrated in the selected template and either report any issues or sign off on the site. If we do not hear from you in this timeframe, we will assume that you have signed off on the site as is. Please note that only changes related to the site not functioning as demonstrated in the template will be fixed as part of the project. All other changes can be done as part of the Maintenance Program or on a per item fee basis.

Maintenance Program  

The maintenance period officially starts on the date indicated in your dashboard. Turnaround time for tasks range from 1 to 3 business days depending on the volume of work. The program does not include email migration, account setup, on page optimization and hosting transfer.

Site Migration  

 Transferring your site from one domain / host to another is not a simple matter of copying the files to a new location. We highly recommend that you seek the assistance of an expert for this type of task. We do provide this type of service for a fee (£250) – and we will not be held responsible for any damage and / or malfunction incurred if you transfer the website yourself or through a third party service provider after turnover.

Who to Talk To

 At the beginning of Data Gathering, a Launch Assistant will be assigned to the client and will become the point of contact during that phase. When Data Gathering is complete a Project Coordinator will be assigned to the client and will be the point of contact for the remainder of the project. Unless otherwise notified, the client will communicate using our ticketing system.