London Online Marketing Strategies: Top Tips for Start-up Businesses

London is one of the most vibrant markets in the world. For keen and innovative start-ups, the hustle and bustle of the city offers limitless opportunities. However, every new business owner should keep in mind a few essential marketing principles when preparing for online marketing in London.

london online marketing strategies

Focus on Your Target Market

Whilst one of the main benefits of a solid online presence is the power to reach people globally, Londoners have a distinct sense of self-identity. Whether that self-identity stems from their respective roots or their professions, Londoners have specific fields of interest. Different boroughs of London also repeat this pattern.

Live in a borough in London, and not only will you see the same people every day but you may also notice that people from the same London borough often have similar interests. Thus, to market to Londoners or to people in any locality for that matter, you must have a specific idea of your target market. Know who you are trying to reach and what makes them tick. There is no such thing as ‘general appeal’ when it comes to online marketing, so keep on refining your awareness.

Speed of Communication is Key

Customers expect websites to be engaging, articulate, and dynamic. They expect to be able to obtain services quickly. Most of them are so busy that they simply feel pressure if they are asked to wait too long for a product or a service. In short, speed and effective communication are essential to a successful London online marketing campaign.


Be unique in your approach to online marketing. The size of the business matters, but so does its overall image. Not everyone likes something new, but focusing on what makes you most unique should aid your  online marketing efforts.

Not sure which areas you can target to find out those who appreciate something new? You can use online resources like the London Personality Map to scout for customers who may have other personality traits. For a thoroughly crafted and well-executed online marketing strategy that includes web design as well as organic or paid search components, count on a trusted name like Alcyon Web Build.


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