London Online Marketing Services Can Help Avoid Web Design Mistakes

A company’s website is the foundation of their online marketing campaign. As the public face of the company, a website serves as the central source of information about the services they offer. However, more than just being a repository for basic company details and updates, a webpage needs to be well-made so that it can attract visitors and convert them into customers. This is where London online marketing services like Alcyon WebBuild can help.

10 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid To Drive Traffic to Your Site, Venture Capital Post

It is really easy to make mistakes when designing a website, especially if you aren’t really well-versed in the processes involved. Professional web designers can help your company avoid committing mistakes that, although basic, can still be costly. Here are some of them:

Unnecessary Complication

One of the common mistakes that often plague beginner designers is the tendency to make them as complicated as possible. For example, some sites have multiple dropdown menus when one could easily do. Other complications include too much animation or videos, and even pop-up windows. Professionally designed websites have simple interfaces that make them easy to navigate and quick to load, two things that can help a site retain visitors and increase traffic.

Unorganized Content

Content is what attracts visitors to a website. Whether it be articles on your particular service or funny videos, the right content will encourage interest to your website. However, the content needs to be presented in a way that is easy to read and organized properly. Unorganized content will lead to confused visitors and may even have them skipping your site altogether. Well-designed websites will have webpage titles and content divided into appropriate subjects or themes. Additionally, professional webpages are updated regularly with the latest content, ensuring that the website is fresh and interesting.

Dead Pages and Insufficient Links

Another mistake that amateurs make is to have dead pages in a website. This can mean things like links leading to nowhere or outdated pages. Having dead pages lowers a website’s search engine rankings. Properly made websites have completely functional pages and, moreover, have added links that serve to boost them up the search engine index.

Slow Loading

Having too many features or having a slow server can also affect the effectiveness of a website, especially if pages do not instantly load. People have short attention spans and when they don’t immediately see a website’s content, they may just move on to another one. Professional web designers know all the tricks in creating an efficient website, ensuring that the pages load quickly.

Effective online marketing in London requires a well-designed website. Avoid the mistakes mentioned by hiring a professional web design team to do the heavy lifting.

(Source: 10 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid To Drive Traffic to Your Site, Venture Capital Post)