Inbound Online Marketing Gaining Greater Credence amongst Businesses

Digital Marketing in Transition:

As the Internet became available to the masses, a greater number of companies began to recognise it for what it could be: a potent marketing tool. In the past, advertising space was taken in daily or weekly newspapers, periodicals, trade and hobbyist magazines, and leaflet drops.

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As the Internet became more popular, both brick and mortar and new online companies began to take up internet space. A similar style to the old form of marketing began to develop. Paid internet advertising was taken out. Unsolicited email marketing became the norm, and spam began to appear in ever increasing amounts – an accepted marketing method, in those days, and it worked.

Logic says Outbound Marketing is Old Hat:

Even if your business caters only to the UK market, you have to compete with thousands to gain a decent conversion rate. If you happen to be local based, then the competition is even stronger. Online marketing in London, for example, must be finely tuned to capture the target audience’s attention and at the same time comply with the parameters set by major search engines such as Google.

If you’re still organising email campaigns to unsolicited addresses, paying for pop-up ads, or adding unwanted links on others sites, know that people want none of that anymore. You should reconsider your strategy and consult an online marketing expert such as Alcyon WebBuild about how to maximise the return on your marketing investment.

Modern Online Marketing is Changing:

These days, web pages are not only portals where you can advertise your wares but also platforms for informative content that encourages traffic and conversions. Plug-ins encourage visitors to sign up for weekly or monthly newsletters added to sites. Interactive media placed on site showcase product and service features in enticing ways. Extensive use of social media can increase your internet presence. Finally, your site needs to be mobile friendly or responsive to cater to the legions of smartphone users.

Online marketing is no longer about hammering internet users into submission with ads, emails and spam, which all get deleted anyway. Internet marketing today is all about drawing your potential customers to you. Your site should be an interesting place to visit, so include a blog where people can read interesting articles and content (marketing). Articles should be optimised for specific search queries so potential customers can find your latest piece.

In Conclusion

Concentrate on inbound marketing, SEO, inbound links from guest blogs, and internal links from blog to products. Make your site an interesting place to visit, and start to reap the rewards.


Inbound Marketing & the Next Phase of Marketing on the Web, HubSpot