Advanced Online Marketing Strategies Include Optimised Video

Businesses in need of better market reach for their product or service can use numerous tools and techniques to stay at the top of the game. New videos, for example, already have substantial value thanks to their engaging spoken and visual presentations of information. Optimising videos may allow for more mileage in search engines and bring in fresh customer traffic.


The efforts to showcase a business’ offerings may not be lost on entrepreneurs in London, given the city’s status as one of the world’s technology and economic centres. A recent study by Cisco Systems estimated that video content traffic over the Internet might comprise 78% of all online activities by 2018, with UltraHD and 4K videos accounting for one-tenth of the pie. When your video materials should be tweaked or upgraded for more online visibility, consider your options with an online marketing company such as Alcyon WebBuild.

Speaking to Them

In his article for Entrepreneur, Jon Rognerud said that any video posted by a business must primarily be about how they can help customers through their product or service. This also holds true when discussing insights or problems that your business is in a good position to address, especially when you back it up with independent market research. An “About Us” video should only have the most basic information on the firm and its history, but not too much that viewers may see it as chest-thumping.

Improving Visibility

Your own business may have people skilled at producing videos but struggle with viewership marketing issues, which can be corrected by an online marketing team. For a video to be circulated online, there are a number of key steps to help it attract viewers.

Start by creating a title with specific keywords that best identify the topic of your video, and make a general description, which will also include a link to your website. Take the time to prepare a video transcript and apply it to the tab; this may aid search engines and also hearing-impaired viewers know what your video is about.

For a call to action, you can post links to your website pages and encourage viewers to check it out. Some marketing videos can have the host make hand gestures like opening a palm then special effects will be added, such as placing post-production graphics on the space above the palm to show the pertinent information.

Many customers want the businesses they transact with to “show” more than simply “tell” them about what they need to know. While the video is laden with good production values, highlighting the unique selling points of your product or service can encourage viewers to choose you. Call an SEO company or online marketer today and start optimising your videos.


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