London Online Marketing: Keep Up with Google’s New Mobile SEO Update

The recent announcement from Google about mobile SEO had businesses around the world worried. The latest update states that a website’s mobile-friendliness will now be treated as a ranking signal. This means that websites that are not mobile optimised may rank lower in search results. This comes as no surprise at all, however, as Google had been hinting at its leniency to mobile-responsive websites for quite a long time. Businesses in London that have yet to create mobile-responsive websites are now advised to revamp their London online marketing strategies to avoid penalties before the update takes effect on the 21st of April.

Experts speculate that this change came about because of an event in early 2014 when mobile searches exceeded PC searches. An overwhelming 99.5 percent of users accessed websites through their mobile devices to find content and information while 15 percent made purchases. Although mobile SEO has been one of the major contributors to search engine rankings as it stands today, Google aims to change the landscape once more with the upcoming update.

You can say that Google has been gearing up for this change since it announced that one-URL websites also rank higher in searches, hinting at the fact that they want to make web browsing easier for users on-the-go. To adapt to these changes, companies and businesses must first re-evaluate their current websites for the latter’s mobile-friendly features and employ new strategies and more reliable online marketing in London. You can start by acquiring services from SEO companies like Alcyon WebBuild to perform the necessary audit and planning.

Next, a website’s mobile web search visibility and traffic behaviour must undergo an assessment. An assessment will illustrate just how different top queries on mobile are from desktop. Using these results, trends will be easily identified for developing targeted content for both mobile and PC. Mobile traffic also need to be analysed to determine a user’s search patterns to improve a website’s compatibility with mobile devices.

Last comes updating your websites keywords. Consult mobile search results to determine which keywords are ranking on mobile and put more focus on them. Prioritise those which have the highest potential and use them to generate more suggestions for new keywords. This way, websites would get more traffic in the future.

Fixing issues like faulty redirects, slow-loading pages, and unplayable videos should also be fixed before Google’s update starts to roll out. In order to be prepared for the latest SEO mobile update and other internet marketing trends, entrust your digital marketing needs to a reliable agency like Alcyon WebBuild.

(Source: Take These 3 Actions To Ready For Google’s Mobile Search Update, Search Engine Land)